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The Importance of our Name

Who is Comoe Negoce International (CNI)?

The Comoé River inspires the company’s name: a long river of approximately seven hundred fifty kilometers (four hundred sixty-six miles), a life-giving water source for millions of people in West Africa. It originates in Burkina Faso, crosses the Ivory Coast from north to south, and flows into the Atlantic Ocean at Grand Bassam, near Abidjan, the capital city. Thus, the company embodies the concept of integration within the African continent, diversity, and connection between African peoples on one hand and between Africans and the world on the other.

CNI is the brainchild of two Africans from the Sanwi region, named after the predominantly agricultural area in southeastern Ivory Coast, with Aboisso as its departmental capital.

Since childhood, they have always dreamt of advancing in their respective education and utilizing their knowledge to one day launch a company that will transform the economic condition of their region and beyond.

Language & Linguistics

Ibrahima Traore

Ibrahima excels in languages and linguistics (French, English, Spanish, Dyoula) and holds an MBA in International Business. He is based in Phoenix, Arizona (USA).

He has worked for many years as a client portfolio manager and team manager for multinational companies such as American Express (credit cards and payment technology), in the finance sector (banking) for a leading startup financier (Silicon Valley Bank now First Citizens Bank), as well as in social services (State of Arizona).

He purposefully continued to deepen his knowledge of foreign languages and of the language business ecosystem by skillfully combining his linguistic expertise in various professional fields with his financial acumen to pursue a career as a specialized interpreter and translator in technical, financial, and legal interpreting while simultaneously climbing the rungs of corporate America. He has provided interpreting services to banks, insurance companies, mining enterprises, law enforcement agencies, U.S. courts, educational institutions, and more.

Having immigrated to the United States over twenty years ago, his long-term goal has always been to acquire practical knowledge that would give him a comparative advantage in contributing to developing his country and continent of birth. Today, he has accomplished this goal, possessing the perfect resume to fulfill the task he set for himself since primary school.

  • English language interpretation and translation to and from French, Spanish, Dyoula.
  • Spanish Language interpretation and translation to and from French, Dyoula.
  • Dyoula Language interpretation to and from French.

Science & Mathematics

Jules Ehuieni

Jules excelled in science and mathematics in elementary and high school. He is an engineer by training and has over twenty years of field experience in Africa. He has worked for prominent companies as a quality manager and production director and currently works as a quality consultant in the Ivory Coast and other African countries.

His impressive academic background, extensive professional experience, and deep understanding of the field make his profile the perfect complement to his partner’s, forming a winning team to propel Comoé Négoce to the pinnacle of commerce in the Ivory Coast, Africa, and the world.

Our Mission

  • To be recognized as the premier language service company dedicated to providing high-quality service in interpretation and translation while simultaneously using our expertise in language and business to facilitate trade worldwide and bolster private sector investments in Africa.
  • To build a company that promotes Africa’s strengths and potential to generate greater demand for industrial, agricultural, artisanal, and made-in-Africa services using language as a connecting factor.
  • To become an essential partner for importers of African products and services and a leading partner for multisectoral investors looking to explore business opportunities in Africa and make investments in the continent.
  • To serve as a hub for commercial exchanges between Africa and the rest of the world through collaboration and partnerships with chambers of commerce on the continent and elsewhere, facilitating a flow of investment capital to Africa.

Certification and qualifications

Court-certified interpretation credentials from the State of Arizona Judicial System
Certificate in interpretation from the University of Arizona’s Court Interpreter Training Institute
ISO 9001, 14001, and 45001-certified in QHSE ( Quality, Health, Safety and Environment regulations
JDE (JD Edwards) Software proficient

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