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Who is Comoe Negoce International (CNI)?

Comoe Negoce International (CNI) is a multi-sector company specializing in providing language -interpretation and translation services in various languages, facilitating export and import of goods and services, and carrying out trade missions to prospective foreign markets on behalf of businesspeople worldwide.

Our interpreters within our language outfit (Comoe Language Services) are highly skilled and have native fluency in their A languages and advanced fluency in their B languages; thus they are competent in providing world-class interpretation (spoken language) and translation (written language)service between English and the following languages: French, Spanish, and Dyoula (aka Jula, Bambara or Malinke) in legal (courts and law firms), law enforcement, faculty exchange, healthcare, financial industry settings, international business and development, NGO’s, and international organizations etc.

Who We Work With

Our Partners

We collaborate with foreign embassies, export promotion organizations, and chambers of commerce in the US and on the American continent to plan and carry out trade missions and business prospection to selected African countries.

We are your one-stop gateway for quality language services and sourcing for international products and services.

Our Mission

To be recognized as the premier language service company dedicated to providing high-quality service in interpretation and translation while simultaneously using our expertise in language and business to facilitate trade worldwide and bolster private sector investments in Africa.

Language Offerings

Language Services

  • English language interpretation and translation to and from French, Spanish, Dyoula.
  • Spanish Language interpretation and translation to and from French, Dyoula.
  • Dyoula Language interpretation to and from French.
Law Enforcement
International Business
Financial industry
Private Equity/Venture Capital
Payment industry
International development
International organizations

Fields of Specializations

Industries We Serve

Comoe Language Services works with legal professionals in the United States and abroad in different fields such as civil courts, criminal proceedings, international contracts, unemployment insurance, workers’ compensation, etc. We have established a stellar reputation for excellent quality and for the emphasis we place on ensuring the privacy of all parties involved is protected.

Legal interpretation & Translation
Faculty Exchange Meetings or Seminars
Business Meetings, Trade Missions, Trade Fairs
School Districts/Parent-teacher conference
Sporting Events or Contract Negotiations
Human Resource
Liaison Interpretation Service

Connecting Continents For Business Growth

Trade Mission & Export

We collaborate with embassies, consular missions, and chambers of commerce to plan and organize trade missions, facilitate export and import, and/or business or leisure travel to selected countries.

We offer a comprehensive range of import-export services, including customs clearance management, international logistics, assistance in buying and selling products, and advice on international trade regulations.

Our trade countries:

  • Cote d’Ivoire, situated in West Africa, has a diversified and growing economy. It also has some of Africa’s best tourist attractions.

  • Senegal is located in West Africa and has some of the best beaches in Africa along with Goree Island

  • Equatorial Guinea is located in Central Africa. It is a small country known for its oil and gas resources.

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